Deploying the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler application

After you successfully install the Sterling.war file, you must deploy it as a Web application. This process varies from one servlet container to another. Check your servlet container documentation for further details. This topic provides specific deployment steps for each of the supported servlet containers.

You must identify the operating system user that runs the servlet container. You must copy the prefs.xml configuration file to a sub-directory of the home directory of this user. The sub-directory is called user_home/cmgt/debs/conf/.

The user_home home directory location can vary from one operating system to another. The following table provides some typical locations:

Operating System Standard Home Directory
Windows 2008 C:\Documents and Settings\username
Linux® 2.6 /home/username
Note: You can put this file in an alternate location which is specified as the system property. If you do so, then you must specify its location so that it can be read when the servlet container starts the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler Web application. You can do this in the following ways:
  • Set its location as a system variable.
  • Set its location in the WEB-INF/web.xml using the following element:

    (do not modify this tag) -->
    <param-value>path to the prefs.xml</param-value>
    (do not modify this tag) -->
    <description>Location of Comergent's preferences store

We provide deployment steps for the following servlet containers:

  • IBM® WebSphere®
  • WebLogic