Creating mappings between nomenclature definitions

You can create mapping between nomenclature definitions.

About this task

To create mapping between nomenclature definitions:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Nomenclature > Nomenclature Definition. The Nomenclature Definition Search window displays in the work area.
  3. Select the two Entities that you want to map and choose the Mapping button. The Nomenclature Mapping panel displays.

    The Nomenclature Mapping panel has the list of valid values for the entities selected. The from/to Entity to be mapped can be changed by changing the System Name, Organization Code, or the Entity description.

    Note: The list is not displayed if the View Values option is not checked when creating the Entity Definition.
  4. Choose the Create New icon. The new entity defined is added to the list of entities in the search results.
  5. Enter values for each attribute and choose the Save icon.
  6. To create a mapping between the two entities, select a row from the list of values displayed in the from/to system and choose the Create Mapping button.