Introducing parallel processing

The parallel processing framework allows concurrent parallel execution of tasks.

Several OMS features use this functionality:

  • Sterling Search Index uses this to update the index periodically through the PeriodicBatchIndexer service.
  • SMA uses this feature to synchronize colonies when changes are made using the colony management screen.
  • When sharding is done by store or through custom attributes, if a search API needs to process multiple colonies, this feature is used to process these colonies concurrently to improve performance.

The parallel processing framework, in turn, depends on one of the following underlying frameworks for functioning:

  • EJB 3.1 asynchronous bean method invocations for application servers
    Note: The EJB 3.1 spec is supported only on the latest version of application servers. Refer to the IBM® Support Portal for the latest system requirements. Customers using older versions of an application server, and who therefore do not have access to EJB 3.1 features, can use the internal thread pool for parallel processing.
  • Internal thread pools for agents