Configuring value added services

Value-Added Services (VAS) are performed to meet customer demands. These can be the demands of a buyer, such as special creating a customized order, or doing special processes for the buyer at the warehouse, or can be provided services to the customer, such as installing a light fixture.

When a work order is created manually, it consists of one or more services. These services can be of the following types:

  • Kitting Service - Describes assembling components for an item
  • DeKitting Service - Describes disassembling an item. This may be done to acquire an item component to complete another order.
  • Compliance Service - Describes value added services that should be performed to supply an item to a specific buyer. Used in for Made-to-customer orders.
  • Inventory Change Service - Describes how to convert inventory from one UOM to another.

One or more services can be included in work order, and have a sequence number assigned which indicates the order in which they should be performed. The activities are performed at all types of facilities including manufacturing facilities, flow-through and distribution centers.

Each service can contain one or more service activity, which specifies the category of activity, such as Assemble Components, Apply Logos, or Pack Components.

In addition, Provided Services can generate work orders. Provided Services represent services that can be ordered, such as item installation.

Note: If you are running a Distributed Order Management deployment, use the Sterling Business Center to manage master data.