Distributed Order Management configurations

You can review the information about configurations for Distributed Order Management.

The following Distributed Order Management configurations should be considered when using the Promising server for inventory and promising management:

  • To enable availability to be maintained externally for your enterprise, select the Availability Is Maintained Externally checkbox in the Sourcing Basic Configuration screen.
  • To improve performance, configure the following document-specific fulfillment rules located in the External Availability panel of the Order Fulfillment Rules screen:
    • Do not validate reservation ID externally during order line reservation creation.
    • Do not check external availability during schedule.
    • Do not check external availability during release.
  • The following field in the Order Fulfillment Rules screen should be configured on the Order server only; it should not be configured on the Promising server.
    • When a line is backordered, backorder against the highest priority ship node.
  • The following multi-stop transfer rules in the Forwarding/Transfer rules screen must be configured on the Promising server:
    • Maximum Number Of In-Between Nodes To Be Considered When Determining Multi-Stop Transfer Paths Between Nodes
    • Consider Multi-Stop Transfers Only When Following Relationship Exists Between Two Shipping Nodes