Assigning a colony to enterprises

After deploying your application, you can assign a colony to enterprises.

About this task

Complete the following steps:


  1. On the Installation Rule screen (Applications Manager> Application Platform > System Administration > Installation Rules) set the Inventory Consolidation Level, Capacity Consolidation Level, and Catalog Model to “Enterprise.” Do not set them to “Hub” (they are mutually exclusive).
  2. On the Create Organization screen (Applications Manager > Application Platform > Participant Modeling > Participant Setup > Organization Search > Create New), specify whether the Organization is an Enterprise. The Assigned Colony Id drop-down is enabled and you can select a colony.
    • Do not set a colony for other Organization types such as Seller.
    • In a sharded environment, if you modify the capacity organization for an enterprise, validations will be performed. An error will be thrown if the colony of a capacity organization is different from the colony of the enterprise.