Post-migration activities

To complete the upgrade, you must perform the post-migration tasks for Sterling Configurator.

About this task

Make the behavior of Sterling Configurator APIs consistent so that they return API output in title case format. If you are using any of these eight Sterling Configurator APIs, perform the following steps to ensure compatibility with an earlier version:
  • processConfigurationPicks
  • instantiateSubModel
  • punchIntoSubModel
  • returnFromSubModel
  • extractPicksFromConfigurationBOM
  • getConfigurationModel
  • getFlatConfigrationModel
  • manageModelRegression


  1. Set the value of yfs.enableCamelCaseOutputForProductConfiguratorAPIs property to Y in the <INSTALL_DIR>/properties/ file. If the file does not exist, create it.
    For example, yfs.yfs.enableCamelCaseOutputForProductConfiguratorAPIs=Y
  2. Back up all the existing API security template files that are stored in the <INSTALL_DIR>\repository\xapi\template\merged\apisecurity directory.
  3. Update the API security template definition for the Sterling Configurator APIs listed and replace the TitleCase element names with camelCase element names. The API security template definitions are stored in the <INSTALL_DIR>\repository\xapi\template\merged\apisecurity directory. For example, in the API security template file (<INSTALL_DIR>\repository\xapi\template\merged\apisecurity\processConfigurationPicks_output.xml ) for the processConfigurationPicks API, replace <Model> with <model>, <Picks> with <picks>, and so on.
    Note: Do not modify the following sections in the API security template:
    And the InputProperties element present under <ParentConfiguration>
    • This task will update only the API security template and not the API Javadoc.
    • If you want to revert to the TitleCase API output format, replace the modified API security templates with the backed up files.
  4. Create the resource JAR using the following command:
    • Windows<INSTALL_DIR>\bin\deployer.cmd -t resourcejar
    • UNIXLINUX<INSTALL_DIR>/bin/ -t resourcejar
  5. Rebuild and deploy the smcfs EAR file.