Make transient logging configuration changes

About this task

If you want to change the logging configuration settings for troubleshooting or other testing purposes, then make the changes as a site administrator using the System Logging (log4j dynamic) page of the site administration's System Properties page. Changes that you make remain in effect until you restart the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler. If you are working in a clustered environment, then the logging configuration changes will be propagated to all the nodes in the cluster, and will also remain in effect until you restart the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler.

To make permanent logging level changes, you must modify the file, as described in the topic ''Logging Preferences and Configuration''.

To make transient logging configuration changes:


  1. Navigate to the System Administration URL and log in as a site administrator. The System Administration URL is similar to:


    The System Administration home page displays.

  2. Click System Services, then click System Logging (log4j dynamic).

    The Configure log4j page displays, similar to the following figure.

  3. Copy the name of the logger you want to change and paste it into the Logger name: field, then choose a logging level from the Threshold drop-down list.

    Logging levels range from trace (logging all activity) to fatal (logging only fatal errors). You can also use the drop-down list to turn logging off.

  4. Click Update to update the logging level. The new logging level displays in the Level column for the logger.