Extending and tracking pricing attributes

Sterling Order Management System Software provides the ability to extend existing data tables, such as the order table, so that you can create an extension to store custom order line attributes and hang-off entities.

This enables you to use various computations performed by Pricing, and also to compute and change adjustments or other amounts required for sale or refund calculations.

When pricing user exits include order extensions, the pricing module will capture that extended information and pass it to and from customized code along with order information. The pricing module does not perform any special processing of the extended information. It is just passed through.

Extensions made to order headers and order lines are passed to the getOrderPriceUE and overrideGetOrderPriceUE user exits. Any changes made to the order header and order line extensions in these user exits are persisted in the order.

This capability can be used for more than just returns; you can extend taxes, fees, or any information you want to keep track of.

For more information, see Javadoc.