Defining health monitor rules

You can set up rules that need to be defined for monitoring the health of your Sterling Order Management System Software.

About this task

To set up health monitor rules:


  1. From the Application Platform tree, choose System Administration > Health Monitor Rules. The Health Monitor Rules window displays in the work area.
  2. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to Table 7-16 for field value descriptions.
  3. Choose the Save icon.
    Table 1. Health monitor rules window.

    Health monitor rules field value descriptions

    Field Description
    Invoke Service
    When Agent/Integration Server Terminates Unexpectedly Select a service to run when an agent or integration server terminates unexpectedly.
    When Monitoring Threshold Reached or Exceeded Select a service to run when a monitoring threshold for API response time, application server response time, agent pending tasks, or JMS queue number of messages is reach or exceeded for three consecutive health monitor persist intervals.
    When Application Server Goes Down Select a service to run whenever an application server goes down.