Defining custom common code types

Common codes are values that enable a user to choose from a list of options rather than having to enter the data manually.

Common codes can be made available to the user from drop-down lists in extended Sterling Order Management System Software console screens. For example, if an item is backordered, the user can choose a reason, such as No Stock, from a list. The list of reasons is a list of common codes.

By default, the fields on the standard interface have lists of common codes to which you can add your own common codes.

When adding fields to the user interface, you can provide drop-down lists of custom common codes by adding combo boxes. These common code values can be retrieved within an extended screen using the getCommonCodeList() API.

Note: If an enterprise inherits its configuration from another enterprise, custom common codes are inherited from the parent enterprise and cannot be modified by the child enterprise. To enable an enterprise to maintain its own common codes, do not configure the enterprise as a child enterprise.