Choosing the enterprise for an electronics company

The decision about the hierarchy level at which you should have Enterprises defined depends on several factors.

  • Who defines the business rules and process definition?

    The "Enterprise" owns and controls the document flow and business rules associated with the document flow. If the sales organization needs the ability to define their own process definition and business rules then your Enterprise needs to be at the sales organization level.

  • Where does the customer service organization fit in the organization structure?

    An order can be accessed only by an organization defined as an Enterprise, Buyer, or Seller organization on an order. If customer service is managed centrally across sales organizations, you may want to create the "Enterprise" at the same level as your customer service organization.

Typically Enterprises should be modeled as high as possible in the organization structure. This ensures common business practices between different groups. Note that even though Enterprise responsibility is designated at a higher level, process definition can still be differentiated for each of the sales organizations by effectively using pipeline determination rules.

Sterling Order Management System Software supports the definition of multiple organizations in a single hierarchy to be designated as "Enterprises". This enables you to model the real organization structure in Sterling Order Management System Software and still get the capability of managing all processes at the lowest levels in your organization hierarchy.