Setting up a webLogic cluster: cron jobs

About this task

The Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler distinguishes between system cron jobs and application cron jobs. Typically, system cron jobs are run without an associated user and run on every system in a clustered environment whereas application cron jobs must be run associated to a user and usually should be run only by one machine in a cluster.

To set this up, you must do the following:


  1. Make sure that in the deployment WAR file, the value of the cronApps system configuration property is set to “system”.
  2. For the one application server that should run application cron jobs, make sure that a system property is set as follows:
    Note: How you do this will vary from one servlet container to another. Note that the valid values for this property are: “application”, “both”, “none”, and “system”.
  3. Set the value of the Cron Job URL system property to the value of the URL used to access the cluster: for example: