Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler deployment on cluster: command line settings

About this task

All of the application servers in the cluster will deploy exactly the same form of the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler Web application in them. Typically, there are some configuration settings that must be set at the application server level: for example, cron job settings that determine whether application cron jobs run on the cluster member. To set these:


  1. Log in to the Deployment Manager UI.
  2. Click Application Servers.
  3. For each application server in the cluster, repeat these steps:
    1. On the Application Servers page, click the link to the application server.
    2. Under Additional Properties, click Process Definition.
    3. Under Additional Properties, click Java Virtual Machine.
    4. In the Generic JVM arguments text field, enter the application server properties as appropriate. You only have to do this for properties whose value must be different from that set in the deployed Web application.

      For example, to specify that application and system cron jobs should be run on this application server, enter:


      To specify a ServerId value, enter:


    5. Click OK.
  4. Once you have completed this step for all members of the cluster, then Save these changes to the master configuration.
  5. Stop and then restart the cluster.