Comparing source and target data using the CDT

When you are deploying data for the first time, compare the entire database. Compare smaller increments only after you are certain that your source and target databases have relatively few differences.

About this task

To compare the source and target databases:


  1. From the Deployment Explorer tree, select the data that you want to compare.

    The available comparison groups are as follows:

    • For the entire database, choose the Sterling Order Management System Software Configuration icon.
    • For a specific configuration group, choose the Configuration Group icon.
    • For a specific driver entity, choose the Driver Entity icon.
  2. From the Deployment Explorer action bar, choose the Compare icon. The Comparison Results window displays on the top right and lists all differences. The Comparison Results Status panel displays on the bottom right.

    If you did not specify the CompareOrganizationCode argument as part of the cdtshell command, the CDT prompts you to specify the organizations that you are comparing, as explained in Specify organizations to compare using the CDT.

    Additionally, if you comparing data in a sharded deployment, the CDT prompts for a Colony ID, as explained in About comparing data in a sharded environment using the CDT.


Note: If a table is present in multiple groups or under multiple entities, its difference may be counted multiple times in the total number.
Figure 1. Comparison results window