Defining a node's carrier pickup schedule

You can define a carrier's pickup schedule at a node. You can add, modify, and delete pickup schedules.

About this task

To add a carrier pickup schedule to a node:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. From the Roles & Participation tab in the Organization Details window, choose Node Attributes.
  3. Choose the Carrier Pickup Schedules tab.
  4. Choose the Create New icon. The Carrier Pickup Schedule Details pop-up window displays.
  5. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to the following table for field value descriptions.
  6. Choose the Save icon.


Table 1. Carrier pickup schedule details popup window
Field Description
Carrier Service Select the carrier service for which you are configuring a pickup schedule.
Effective From Date Select the date on which the pickup schedule becomes effective. If you do not specify a start date, the system assumes that the pickup schedule has already started.
Effective To Date Select the date on which the pickup schedule ends. If you do not specify an end date, the pickup schedule is in effect forever. Ensure that you specify a date range that is not already in use by another carrier pickup schedule. For example, if a carrier pickup schedule has a date range of January through June, you cannot specify a date range of May through July for a different schedule.
Pick Up On  
Day of Week Check the box for each day of the week on which pickups are permitted.
Pickup Time Enter the time of day when this carrier service picks up shipments from this node. If you do not specify a time, the carrier does not pick up on the selected day.
Pickup Date Overrides  
Override Date Select the date for which you want to override the scheduled pickup options.
Can Pick Up Select Yes to allow pick up or No to disallow pick up on the specified date.
Pickup Time Enter the pickup time for the override date that you are allowing pickup.