Adding a service activity instruction

Service Activity Instructions provide details on how to perform a service activity.

About this task

For example, the service activity may be "Assemble product". The Service Activity instructions provide the details for how to do this, such as where coupons should be place in a product package, how special labelling should be applied, or other detailed instructions.

To add a Service Activity Instruction:


  1. From the Service Activity Details pop-up window, choose the Create New icon.
  2. The Service Activity Instructions Details window displays.
  3. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.
    Table 1. Service activity instruction details window
    Field Description
    Sequence No The sequence no is used to order the activity instructions. For example, a service activity instruction with a sequence no of ‘1' should be performed before a service activity instruction of ‘2'.
    Instruction URL Provides a URL which points to existing instructions for this service. For example, you may already have a existing procedure for inserting promotional materials into certain packages. Enter the URL for that procedure here.
    Instruction Usage Any comments on how this instruction should be used
    Text Enter details of the instruction.