Downloading installation files from the IBM website

If you do not have a CD with the version of License Key Server that you require, you can download the license server installation files from the IBM website.

Using Passport Advantage

About this task

If you prefer, you can download your files from Passport Advantage®. See Contacting IBM Software Support for information about Passport Advantage. When you use Passport Advantage to download products that work with the IBM Common Licensing software, the license key software is included in the download. These links help you download installation files using Passport Advantage:

Using Fix Central


  1. In a web browser, go to the Fix Central page.
  2. On the Find product tab, enter the product name in the Product Selector field.
    For example;
    • For the IBM Common Licensing product, enter IBM Common Licensing in the Product Selector field.
    • For IBM Installation Manager, enter IBM Installation Manager in Product Selector field.
  3. Select the required product version and the operating system, and click Continue.
  4. Select the Browse for fixes option and click Continue to access the software.
    Important: If you want to download a specific software version, for example V8.1.5, select Show fixes that get me to this version (8.1.5). Otherwise, select the Show fixes that apply to this version (8.1.5) option to download fixes for V8.1.5.
  5. Select the required fixes and click Continue to download the fixes.
  6. Sign in to fix central with your IBM ID and password.
  7. Select an appropriate option to download the fixes and click Continue.
  8. In the View and accept terms window, read the license and click I agree to proceed further.
  9. Click the download link next to each file to get the fix.

What to do next

You can install License Key Server on Windows operating system . For more information about installing License Key Server on UNIX, see License Key Server.