Using the Server Explorer Window

The Server Explorer window is the starting point for most activities within IBM® Cognos® TM1® .

Server Explorer is the starting point for the following activities within Cognos TM1 :

  • Creating cubes, views, dimensions, subsets, processes, and chores.
  • Viewing data in cubes.
  • Reviewing the list of cubes and dimensions stored on a local server and on remote servers.
  • Logging in to remote servers.
  • Importing data into cubes.

You can access Server Explorer from TM1 Perspectives or TM1 Client.


  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. If necessary, load the Tm1p.xla add-in, as described in Running TM1 Perspectives and TM1 Client.
  3. Click TM1 , Server Explorer.

    The Server Explorer window opens.

    When you start Architect, Server Explorer opens immediately.