Starting TM1 Web

The following steps illustrate how to log in to IBM® Cognos® TM1® Web .


  1. Start an internet browser.
  2. Enter the URL provided by your TM1 Web administrator, using the following example.

    For example: http://localhost:9510/tm1web/


    • machine_name is the name of the Web server used to deliver TM1 Web pages.
    • port_number is the port number of the Web server.

    The TM1 Web Login page opens.

  3. Enter the login information.
    • Admin Host - The name of the TM1 Admin Host you use to locate an active TM1 server on your network.
    • TM1 Server - The name of the TM1 Server you want to access through TM1 Web . Click the down arrow to select one of the TM1 Servers available on your network. Click Refresh to update the list of servers available on your network.
      Note: If the AdminSvrSSLCertID parameter in the TM1 Web .config file is incorrectly configured, the server menu may be empty. See "Running TM1 in Secure Mode using SSL" chapter of the IBM Cognos TM1 Installation and Configuration Guide for details on this parameter.
    • User Name - Your user name on the selected TM1 Server.
    • Password - Your password on the selected TM1 Server.
  4. Click Login.

    The TM1 Web Main page opens.