LegacyUrlApiSessionDiscoveryEnabled configuration parameter

Use the LegacyUrlApiSessionDiscoveryEnabled configuration parameter to control how the TM1® Web URL API handles login sessions. Configure this parameter to specify whether or not the URL API tracks separate unique login sessions.

This parameter enables the URL API session to be reused based on the specified admin host, TM1 server, and (optional) user name.

If you are using the session token login approach with the URL API, you must set the LegacyUrlApiSessionDiscoveryEnabled configuration parameter in the tm1web_config.xml file to False. For more information about logging in with a session token, see Cognos TM1 Web API session token login.


<add key="LegacyUrlApiSessionDiscoveryEnabled" value=True or False/>

For example:

<add key="LegacyUrlApiSessionDiscoveryEnabled" value="False"/>


The default value is True.
TM1 Web tries to match new login request with an existing login session based on the provided information (TM1 Admin host, TM1 Server, user name).

This parameter should only be set to True if a single login will occur for a unique TM1 Admin Host, TM1 server, and user name combination.

Specifies that a session token must be provided every time that you open a TM1 Web object with the TM1 Web URL API. Otherwise, the user is prompted.

Set this parameter to False if you plan to use multiple login sessions with TM1 Web URL API. You also use this configuration if you are using multiple login sessions with the URL API and other TM1 Web clients such as TM1 Web and TM1 Application Web. This configuration uses the session token to keep the user sessions separate and unique.