Determining the URL startup link for Cognos TM1 Applications

The exact link to start and log on to Cognos® TM1® Applications depends on which web server you are running and how it is configured.
You can see the default startup URL for Cognos TM1 Applications in IBM Cognos Configuration.
  1. Open Cognos Configuration.
  2. Click to expand Local Configuration > Environment and then select TM1 Application Server.
  3. The URL is listed in the value column for the TM1 Application Server Gateway URI field.

    For example: http://localhost:9510/pmpsvc

Link Parameters

Use the following format for the URL to log in to Cognos TM1 Applications.


Table 1. Cognos TM1 Applications - URL parameters
Parameter Description


Can be one of the following:

The keyword localhost if you are currently logged on to the Web server that is running Cognos TM1 Applications.

The machine name or domain name of the Web server hosting the Cognos TM1 Application Web application.

The IP address of the Web server hosting the Cognos TM1 Application Web application.


The port number you configured with web application server.

IBM® WebSphere® - Click the Web Server link in the WebSphere Administrative Console to view and edit port settings.

Apache Tomcat - Open the Apache Tomcat server.xml file in the following location to view and edit the port settings:

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\conf\server.xml.

Link Examples

Table 2. Cognos TM1 Applications - link examples
Web Application Server Header
Apache Tomcat provided with the installation

The default link when using the provided version of Tomcat is:

Apache Tomcat

The usual link for Cognos TM1 Applications with Apache Tomcat is:

IBM WebSphere Application Server

The usual link for Cognos TM1 Applications running on IBM WebSphere Application Server is: