Deploy Cognos TM1 Application Server with WebSphere Application Server

Use the IBM® WebSphere® Administrative Console to deploy and run Cognos® TM1® Applications with the WebSphere Application Server.


  1. Start the WebSphere Application Server.

    In Microsoft Windows, click Start > Programs > IBM WebSphere > Application Server > Start the server.

    A command window opens and displays the startup progress. After the startup process has completed, the command window will display the message, Server started. You can minimize this command window, but do not close it. This window must remain open while WebSphere is running.

  2. Open the WebSphere Administrative Console.

    In Windows, click Start, Programs, IBM WebSphere, Application Server, Administrative console.

    Enter your WebSphere user name and password, or use the WebSphere default user name, system, and password, manager.

    After a successful login, the WebSphere Administrative Console page opens.

  3. In the Console Navigation pane, locate the Applications section and click Deploy New.

    The Install New Applications page opens.

  4. Click the Browse button next to the Archive text box to locate and select the Cognos TM1 Applications file, pmpsvc.war, that you generated using the Build Application File command in Cognos Configuration.
  5. Click Open after selecting the pmpsvc.war file.
  6. Keep the other deployment options set to their default values as follows:
    • The Plan field should be blank.
    • The Start app after install check box should be selected.
    • The Redeploy application check box should not be selected.
  7. Click Install.

    WebSphere installs the Cognos TM1 Application Web application. This process may take a few minutes to complete. When complete, the following messages are displayed:

    The application was successfully deployed.

    The application was successfully started.

  8. To confirm the installation, click Web App WARs in the Applications section of the Console Navigation pane.

    The Installed Web Applications page opens.

    Cognos TM1 Applications is listed with a link in the URL column as /pmpsvc.

    This link provides the full URL to launch the application. For example:

  9. To open Cognos TM1 Applications, click the /pmpsvc link.
  10. To manage the Cognos TM1 Application Web application, use the WebSphere links for Stop, Restart and Uninstall.