Log files in the IBM Cognos TM1 Operations Console

You can schedule a log, use the log to disk option, or enable automatic logging

Before any data can display in a log, you must Verify admin access.

You can access these TM1 server logs using the TM1 Operations Console:

Transaction log file
Displays the transactions recorded in Tm1s.log when a TM1 client changes a cube value.
Message log
Displays the TM1 server records status messages on the activity of the server in a log file. These messages contain details on activity such as executed processes, chores, loaded cubes and dimensions, and synchronized replication.
Audit log
Displays changes to metadata, such as modifications to dimensions, views and subsets.

Right-click the server and select View Log, Message Log, Transaction Log, or Audit Log to open these log files. See the "System and Performance Monitoring" chapter of the IBM Cognos TM1 Operation Guide for details on these logs and how to enable them.