New features in Cognos Insight 10.2.2

There are new features in IBM® Cognos® Insight version 10.2.2.

For more information about these features, see the IBM Cognos Insight User Guide in the Cognos Insight product documentation (

Print entire workspaces

You can now print entire workspaces at once instead of printing each tab one at a time.

Dynamic values

IBM Cognos Insight now includes dynamic values, which are widgets that display single members or measures from a crosstab. For example, if your crosstab displays revenue by year by product line, you can add a dynamic value to the title of your workspace tab that displays the total revenue for this year.

Emphasize cells by using conditional formatting

You can now add conditional styles to IBM Cognos Insight workspaces to emphasize cells that meet specific conditions.

Support for importing ragged and unbalanced hierarchies

Ragged and unbalanced hierarchies can now be imported into IBM Cognos Insight. You can choose to preserve the original structure or adjust it.
In ragged hierarchies, some levels are missing from the data. For example, in the following table, the State level is missing in two rows.
Table 1. Example of a ragged hierarchy before import
Region or country State City
USA CA San Francisco
USA CA Los Angeles
USA   Washington DC
Vatican City   Vatican City
In unbalanced hierarchies, leaf members are not all at the same level. For example, in the following table, some leaf members are at Level 2, and some leaf members are at Level 3.
Table 2. Example of an unbalanced hierarchy before import
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Employee A Employee B Employee E
Employee A Employee B Employee F
Employee A Employee C  
Employee A Employee D  

Undo and redo

You can now reverse and repeat some actions that you perform on an IBM Cognos Insight workspace.

You can undo or redo up to 45 actions.

Restriction: You cannot use the Undo icon to reverse the following actions:
  • Changing the data model, such as adding or removing members, dimensions, and cubes.
  • Adding or removing comments.
  • Running action buttons that execute IBM Cognos TM1® TurboIntegrator (TI) processes.
  • Changing calculations.
  • Running imports and exports.
  • Connecting to an IBM Cognos Express® or IBM Cognos TM1 server.
  • Printing, publishing, or sharing.
  • Changes to your Cognos Insight setup or preferences.
  • Holding or releasing cells.

Synchronize data

You can now synchronize the data in an IBM Cognos Insight workspace by widget, by tab, or by workspace. For example, you could synchronize the data changes in an explore point on tab A to the data in a crosstab on tab B.

Work with widgets

You can now view a list of the tabs and widgets in your IBM Cognos Insight workspace. You can use this list to navigate to specific tabs or widgets and to change tab or widget settings.
The Workspace section is a new part of the content pane. The section lists all of the tabs and widgets in the current workspace. From the Workspace pane, you can perform the following actions:
  • Right-click a widget to access a list of commands for the widget. These commands are the same ones that are available from the Widget Actions menu.
  • Right-click a tab to rename or delete it.
  • Click a tab or widget to navigate to that object in the workspace.

Contributor and Reviewer views

Now, when IBM Cognos TM1 administrators connect to Cognos TM1 applications from IBM Cognos Insight, the contributor and reviewer views can appear with different layouts.

When application authors create applications in IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler, they can define separate views for contributors and reviewers. When Cognos TM1 administrators connect to Cognos TM1 from Cognos Insight, they can choose the view that they want to work with: contributor or reviewer. In Cognos Insight, these views can appear with different layouts. For example, the contributor view could display a crosstab with several explore points; whereas, the reviewer view could display only a chart and crosstab.

These different layouts can be created in Cognos Insight. When a Cognos TM1 administrator publishes a workspace back to Cognos TM1, the view that they are publishing includes the workspace layout. So if a Cognos TM1 administrator is connected in the contributor view, that administrator can make changes to the layout of the workspace and publish it as the contributor view of that application.

For more information about Contributor and Reviewer views, see the IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler User Guide. Access this document for your product and version on IBM Knowledge Center (

Captions displayed for current locale

In workspaces that have different captions for different languages, users now see only the caption that applies to the locale of IBM Cognos Insight, which is set in My Preferences.

New data spreading option

IBM Cognos Insight now includes the repeat leaves method of data spreading.

The repeat leaves method of data spreading enables you to copy a value to all leaves of the consolidation or only to those leaves that contain non-zero values.