Cognos TM1 Web API

In addition to using IBM® Cognos® TM1® Web as a stand-alone application, you can also use it in your own custom web applications. Web programmers and TM1 application developers can use the Cognos TM1 Web application programming interface (API) to incorporate TM1 Web objects into custom web pages, applications, and dashboards.

The Cognos TM1 Web API includes two separate sets of APIs. These APIs also share a common login approach that uses session tokens.

Depending on your specific development requirements, you can choose between the two different APIs and use the same login approach with either one.

Cognos TM1 Web API session token login
The Cognos TM1 Web APIs share a common login approach that uses session tokens to uniquely identify and separate your Cognos TM1 Web sessions. You can use this login approach with both APIs.
For more information, see Cognos TM1 Web API session token login.
Cognos TM1 Web URL API
The URL API provides access to Websheet and CubeViewer objects by using a special set of URLs and parameters. Simple examples can be done right in the address bar of a web browser. To create a solution with the URL API, you need knowledge of HTML and an optional knowledge of JavaScript.
See Cognos TM1 Web URL API.
Cognos TM1 Web JavaScript Library
The JavaScript Library enables programmatic access to TM1 Web Websheet and CubeViewer objects in a combined HTML, JavaScript, and Dojo web page development environment. To use the JavaScript Library you need knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, Dojo, and the HTML Document Object Model (DOM).
See Cognos TM1 Web JavaScript library.