Installing and Configuring IBM Cognos Controller on One Computer

IBM® Cognos® Controller requires the installation of server components and client components.

You can install IBM Cognos Controller on the same computer where other IBM Cognos products of the same version are installed. This is the typical scenario in a single-computer installation.

If you intend to distribute IBM Cognos Controller, you can start your installation process by installing the server components on a single computer. After you verify that Cognos Controller is running, you can add additional components as required.

Before you begin

You must install either IBM Cognos Analytics. The specific components that are required are listed in System requirements.

You must set up your environment Setting Up the Environment before you install and configure IBM Cognos Controller server and client components.

Ensure that you have administrator privileges for the Windows computer that you are installing on. Also ensure that your computer has a TEMP system variable that points to the directory where you want to store temporary files. During installation, files are temporarily copied to this directory.

Install IBM Cognos components in a directory that contains only ASCII characters in the path name.


  1. Install IBM Cognos Controller.
  2. Install Fix Packs.
  3. Set up database connectivity for the content store database. Refer to the IBM Cognos Analytics documentation for information on how to do this.
  4. Set up database connectivity for the Controller database.
  5. Set up database connectivity for the Controller data mart.
  6. Configure the Web server.
  7. Test the reporting components.
  8. Set database connection properties for the controller data source.
  9. Install the client interfaces.
  10. Enable the COM+ server.
  11. Test the installation and configuration.
  12. Enable security.


After you complete these installation and configuration tasks, you can perform additional configuration tasks Additional Configuration Options, and change the IBM Cognos Controller default behavior Changing IBM Cognos Controller Default Configuration Settings to better suit your environment.

If you no longer require IBM Cognos Controller, you can uninstall all IBM Cognos Controller components.