IBM Cognos Controller Functions in Microsoft Excel

You can use functions and parameters to load data from the Cognos Controller database.

You can, for example, load company names or other text information, values from the investments register or monthly values. A complete list of Cognos Controller functions is available in IBM Cognos Controller Functions.


An example of an fGetVal Formula that fetches data from the Cognos Controller database can look like this:



Where 0106 = Period

0+ = Relation

YTD = Interval

AC = Actuality

1200 = Company

LE = Consolidation Type

LC = Local Currency

30100 = Account

FR1 = Dimension

REPO = Closing Version

T/F = True/False (used for closing version/contribution version)


  • All functions begin with "=cc.", for example, "=cc.fAcc()".
  • Many of the functions use parameters as input. The parameters can be expressed as a code, a cell reference or a system column/row.
  • Depending on your operative system settings (see the Control Panel), the character used for separating parameters can differ.