Create Users - the Settings Tab

On this tab, you define the basics for the user, such as user name and password, and connect the user to a user group.

By clearing the Security System Enabled check box you can temporarily disable all restrictions, without needing to redefine the restrictions when you enable the security system again.


  1. On the Maintain menu, click Rights/Users. The Users window opens.
  2. Select User from the Create New drop-down list box, or select an existing user in the tree structure and click the New button.
  3. On the Settings tab, enter the user information and password for the new user. The number of allowed characters for password and User Id is defined in the user group settings.
    • The password is case sensitive. You can use the characters a-z, A-Z and 0-9.
    • For the User Id you can use the characters A-Z and 0-9.
  4. Enter the user's full name and E-mail Address.

    For the E-mail profile, you can enter any MAPI profile or leave the text box empty. If you leave it empty you will be prompted for the e-mail profile when sending an e-mail. The e-mail functionality is only available if you have selected Use E-mail in General Configuration, General 3 tab and specified an SMTP Server.

  5. Select the user group to which the user belongs.
  6. Select the relevant user options:
    • IBM Cognos Controller User: This option is selected by default and should not be cleared. The information about the number of IBM Cognos Controller User is shown on the bottom bar of the Users window in the No. of Named Users field. The user will appear in No. of Named Users field only when the option IBM Cognos Controller User is checked. If this option is unchecked, the user is excluded from the named users.
    • IBM TM1 User: Select this option for users who should be created as part of the TM1® server security when you run an Initial Publish (IP) of IBM® Cognos Controller Financial Analytics Publisher (FAP).

      Note: If the user is designated only as an IBM TM1 User, the user will not be able to log on to Cognos Controller or the IBM Cognos® Controller Link for Microsoft Excel.
    • Password Never Expires: This option is only available to the main administrator.
    • Active: Select this to give the user access to IBM Cognos Controller Link for Microsoft Excel. If the user has tried a faulty password too many times, the check box is cleared automatically and the administrator must activate the user again. The number of allowed retries is determined in the user group settings. Note that users are deactivated when the password expires and immediately re-activated when the password has been changed.
    • User Group Administrator: Select this to make the user the administrator of the user group. The administrator has read and write access to the menu item Maintain/Rights. All other users have read-only access. You can create any number of User Group Administrators.

      Note: This option is not available when a user is designated only as an IBM TM1 User.
  7. You can add a Comment a Location for the user. These options will not affect user rights. The information will be displayed in the User Rights and Security Group Reports.
  8. Click Save and open the Limitations tab.