Configuring CAM security mode

You need to configure the CAM security mode.


  1. In the IBM® Cognos® Controller Financial Analytics Publisher dialog box, click the Data Marts tab.
  2. Enter the following credentials:
    • Client - <CAM user as 'namespace\user'>
    • Password - <CAM password>

    This user must exist in Controller.

  3. The CAM user must be created on the TM1® server and associated with the ADMIN group.
  4. For TM1 9.5.2 and later, all CAM users in IBM Cognos Controller who are designated as IBM TM1 Users and who should be managed by the FAP Service security must be added to the TM1 server. This is done manually in TM1 Architect. To add users, follow the instructions in the IBM Cognos TM1 Operations Guide. All the existing users in Controller that you want to provide access to TM1 for, must be imported.
  5. In the file, add the new property clientcamuri, for example clientcamuri= http://Cam Server Name/IBMCognos/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi. This parameter should have the CAMURI value as Controller and TM1.
    Note: In the Tm1s.cfg configuration file, the IntegratedSecurityMode parameter must be set to the following value by the administrator (default value is 1) when performing an initial publish:
    1 = BASIC, 5 = CAM


For more information about setting up a TM1 server to use CAM, see the IBM Cognos TM1 Operations Guide.
Note: In the next initial publish, users already present in TM1 will be re-used, therefore only new CAM users must be added.