Financial Statement Reporting integration for Cognos Controller

IBM® Cognos® Financial Statement Reporting (FSR) is a unified financial governance solution that focuses on improving financial processes and controls, particularly in the final stages before disclosure.

Note: IBM Cognos FSR was renamed to IBM Cognos Disclosure Management. You can integrate either product with Controller. For more information, see Cognos Disclosure Management integration for Cognos Controller.

Cognos FSR helps the finance department improve the timeliness and quality of financial management processes and reporting. It also facilitates audits, extends enterprise resource planning (ERP) transactional controls, and improves financial risk management.

With Cognos FSR, formatted statutory financial reports, including commentary and supplementary notes, are dynamically generated from a central database. Cognos FSR provides a collaborative environment that incorporates workflow and audit trails that contribute to data accuracy and provide effective internal controls for corporate governance.

When you integrate IBM Cognos Controller Link for Microsoft Excel with Cognos FSR, the following functions and capabilities of Cognos FSR will help you to build and collaborate on a report:
  • Data Integration
    This feature provides an easy-to-use method to pull data from various data sources, including
    • leading ERP systems
    • leading consolidation systems
    • relational databases
    • OLAP databases
    • Microsoft Excel
  • Output capability

    Cognos FSR supports various output options, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, XBRL (with any taxonomy), and EDGAR-ready documents (for filing to the SEC).

  • User security

    Cognos FSR provides controlled access to sensitive information and helps to maintain privacy.

For more information about Cognos FSR, see the IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting End User Guide.