Model Warning view

The Model Warning view displays when Model Design Accelerator detects a potential issue. To help you build a valid model, Model Design Accelerator evaluates each of your actions. The Model Warning view describes the action that caused an issue and, when applicable, provides options for fixing it.

Some presented options are performed automatically when you select them and click OK. Other options require you to make manual changes, either within Model Design Accelerator or in the generated model in Framework Manager.

Because Model Design Accelerator cannot always determine the intent of your actions, you must sometimes resolve an issue by creating manual joins. If it is available, the option Manually re-draw the joins between tables activates the functionality of Relationship Editing Mode from the Model Warning view.

When you select Manually re-draw the joins between tables, join icons display at the top left of the Model Warning view. You can create manual joins as required to resolve the identified issue.

For more information, see Using the Relationship Editing Mode.

If there is a series of dependent modeling options, click Cancel to undo your last action. If there are no modeling options, click Cancel to undo the last action and return to the Model Accelerator workspace.