Updating visualizations

Update visualizations when a change was made to the visualization definition.

About this task

You can update the visualizations in a report by opening the report in a new IBM® Cognos® Analytics - Reporting window.

If any part of a visualization is invalidated by changes that were made to the visualization definition, the invalidated part is removed. For example, if a field is renamed, the data items in the field are removed. You must add the data items to the renamed field for the visualization to run.

For visualizations that are rendered on the client, if you do not update visualizations when the visualization definition is changed, the old visualization definition is used when you run the report. Visualizations that are rendered on the IBM Cognos server always use the latest visualization definition. As a result, server-side visualizations might not run if they are not updated.


Open the report that contains the visualizations that you want to update in a new Cognos Analytics - Reporting window.