Performing calculations on measures and creating new columns

If you want to compute with values that are the result of an aggregation, then you can create calculations based on measures.

For example, you can create a calculation by adding a fixed value to a measure. The following example adds 1 million to the Total Claim Amount measure.

You can use a calculation based on measures only in the dashboard where you created the calculation. It is not stored with the data asset.

Animation that shows how to create a calculation based on a measure

The calculation is added to a slot in the visualization as a new measure. This does not have to be the same slot as from where you created the calculation.


  1. Expand the visualization.
  2. Beside a measure, click the More icon More icon, and click Calculation.
  3. In the Create calculation dialog box, provide a name for your calculation.
  4. You can use these mathematical operations: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), percentage (%), or percentage change (% change).
  5. Use the Calculate after aggregation option to set whether the calculation is run before or after the aggregation.
  6. Click OK.
    If you want to add the calculated measure to the slot you created the calculation from, then drag the calculated measure to that slot.