Grouping data

You can automatically group data into bins to organize and display all your data in one visualization.

About this task

Enable the Auto-group feature when there is too much data to display or anytime you want to group your data.

You can enable only one Auto-group per visualization.

Note: Auto-group can be applied to measures and to relational databases only. If you are using an OLAP package, the Auto-group option is not available.


  1. Open the Fields pane.
  2. Select a measure from a non-measure field, click the More icon More icon, and click Auto-group.
  3. Click the toggle to enable Auto-group.
  4. In the Number of groups field, type a number in the range of 5 - 100 to set how many groups to display.
    Note: You might not see the exact number of groups that you set in the Number of groups field because when a group does not have a value, it is not displayed.