Creating a single visualization

While you work with your exploration, you might decide that you need another visualization.

About this task

Complete the following steps to create a single visualization.


  1. On the toolbar, click Create.
  2. Select Single visualization.
  3. In the Sources window, expand the data asset that you want to use.

    If a different data asset is open, click the Add a source icon Add a source icon next to the name of the data asset that is open.

  4. To create a new visualization, complete one of the following actions:
    • Drag and drop data items onto the Create a visualization area.

      IBM® Cognos Analytics creates a visualization to match the data items. For example, when you add Year or Department, a table is created. Drag in a measure, such as Revenue, and a bar visualization is created.

    • Click Choose a type and select a visualization type. Then, add a data item to each field.