Converting explorations into stories

When you want to put your insights into a presentation, you can convert your exploration visualizations into a story.

About this task

When you convert an exploration into a story, each exploration card is converted to a scene in a story.

Tip: You need the dashboard capability to access the Save as a story option.


  1. On your exploration, click the down arrow beside the save button Save button with down arrow in the application bar.
  2. From the list, select Save as a story.
  3. Under Select a template, select one of the following styles:
    Select this template style to tell a story through a series of slides or scenes.
    Guided journey
    Select this template style to guide an audience on a journey that starts out as the full picture of the story and then pans and zooms into the details across the canvas.
  4. Select a folder and name your story.
    Note: If you want to stay in the explorations tool, clear the Open story after saving check box.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Edit your story. For example, add animation effects, add titles to your visualizations, and add new visualizations.

    For more information, see Stories.