Adding a visualization to a report

You can add a visualization to a report to efficiently represent your data.

About this task

You add data to a visualization by inserting data items in drop zones.

When you add a visualization to an IBM® Cognos® Active Report, you can choose to render visualizations on the IBM Cognos server or on the client. When you choose to render visualizations on the client, additional drop zones appear for extra categories or values when all the required drop zones contain data items. You can use extra categories and extra values to filter data or set variables. Extra items are not visible in the visualization.

When working with dimensional data sources, if the visualization does not contain a measure against which to plot data, you must provide one. For example, if you add a single member to the values drop zone, such as '2012', the default measure drop zone appears in which you must insert a measure.

Attention: The supported properties for a visualization are determined by the visualization definition.


  1. Create a new report or open an existing report.
  2. Click the Toolbox icon Toolbox tab icon., and drag a Visualization icon visualization icon to the work area.
  3. In the Visualization gallery window, select Legacy visualiztions from the menu.
  4. Select a visualization and click OK.
  5. From the Source tab Source tab icon., drag items to the appropriate location in the data container.
  6. Run the visualization.