Adding a baseline to a visualization

Baselines are horizontal or vertical lines that cut through the chart to indicate major divisions in the data.

About this task

For example, you can add a baseline to show a sales quota or break-even point.

In visualizations, you can define baselines by values on the numeric axis or the category axis.

Each baseline represents a value on an axis.

Depending on the type of visualization, you can use the following options to position the baseline.

Note: If you use queries in baselines that are based on report expressions and query calculations, then these queries and query calculations must come from the same data source as the visualization itself.
Option Description

Numeric Value

Uses a static numeric value.

Category Index

Uses the index value of the data item in the categories axis.

For example, a Category index value of 1 indicates that the baseline is at the first data item. This is the default.

Percent on Axis (%)

Uses a percentage of the full range of the axis.

For example, if the axis range is -500 to 1100, a Percent on Axis value of 25% puts the baseline at -100 (25% of the range, 1600).

Query calculation

Uses a query calculation to determine the position of the baseline. For more information, see Insert a Query Calculation.

Layout calculation

Uses a layout calculation to determine the position of the baseline. For more information, see Create a Layout Calculation.


  1. Click the visualization in a report.
  2. Depending on your chart and the type of baseline you want to add, in the Properties pane, under Visualizations > Annotations, select the Baselines more icon.
  3. Click the New icon new icon and choose the type of baseline from the list.
  4. Specify the necessary criteria for the baseline position.
  5. Under Baseline Properties, type a label for the baseline and specify the line style and color and the position of the label from the Baseline caption menu.

    The new baselines appear in the Baselines box.

  6. To delete a baseline, select the baseline in the Baselines box and click the delete delete icon.


A bar visualization with a baseline.
A bar visualization with a baseline at 50%.