Create a Layout Calculation

Create a layout calculation to add run-time information to your report, such as current date, current time, and user name.

When you create layout calculations, unsupported functions do not appear in the Functions tab of the expression editor. Specifically, there is no Summaries folder, and some operators, constants, and constructs are also unavailable. These functions are not available because only the database can perform them. Report expressions and calculations based on layout expressions are performed in IBM® Cognos® Analytics - Reporting.

To see the complete list of functions available in the expression editor, except for report functions, create a query calculation. All functions are available when you create a query calculation because these calculations are performed in the database and not in Cognos Analytics - Reporting.


  1. Click the Toolbox icon The toolbox icon and drag Layout calculation to the report.
  2. In the Available Components box, define the calculation:
    • To add data items that are not shown in the report, on the source tab source tab, double-click data items.
    • To add data items from a specific query, on the queries tab queries tab, double-click data items.
    • To add functions, summaries, and operators, on the functions tab functions tab, double-click elements.
    • To add a value that is derived from a parameter, on the parameters tab parameters tab, double-click a parameter.

      Parameters define prompts, drill-through reports, and master detail relationships.

    • You can also type the calculation directly in the Expression Definition box.
    • When typing date values, ensure that the date format is correct for your database type.
    • To copy and paste expression components in the Expression Definition pane, you can use the copy button copy icon and the paste button paste icon.
  3. Click the validate button validate icon.