Use a radar visualization for comparing multiple quantitative variables. The radar visualization shows which variables have similar or outlier values.

Radar visualizations also show which variables score high or low in a data set, which is useful to display performance. You can use a radar visualization in scenarios such as:

  • Comparing different vehicles' speed, durability, comfort, power, and space.
  • Comparing competitor profiles, such as the number of employees, revenue, profit, current stock price, and customer satisfaction.

The following example of a radar visualization shows the customer lifetime value per vehicle type, with the size of each vehicle determined by a color:

Example of a radar visualization

The Luxury Car type seems to have the highest Customer Lifetime Value.

To re-create this visualization, complete the following steps:

  1. Follow the steps in Creating a visualization in a dashboard.

    The Customer analysis data module source must be added to the dashboard.

  2. Drag the following columns to the indicated fields:
    • Vehicle Class to the x-axis field.
    • Vehicle Size to the Color field.
    • Customer Lifetime Valueto the y-axis field.

The following animation shows how this radar visualization is created:

Example of how to populate the data slots for a hierarchical packed bubble visualization

Sample dashboards

A radar visualization is available in the Policy analysis dashboard, on the Offers tab.

Content > Samples > By industry > Insurance> Policy analysis.