Data player

With data player you can show in a dynamical way how a measure or a set of measures changes over another measure that you define in the player.

The following image shows an example of using a data player that is in the lower part of the image in combination with a map visualization.

This example of using a data player shows a combination of a map visualization with the data player that enables you to observe dynamically the change of Accepted policies in States over Months.

To re-create this example of using a data player, perform the following steps:
  1. From a dashboard, click the Visualizations icon and in the System tab of the Visualizations pane, select Map.
  2. Click the Select a source button in the Data pane, and in the Select a source window go to Samples/By industry/Insurance/Data. Select the Customer analysis data module and click Add.
  3. Drag the following data sets onto the indicated fields in the Fields pane for map visualization:
    • State onto the Location field.
    • Number of Open complains onto the Location color field.
    • Expiry Month onto the Location extrusion height field.
    • Click the Visualizations icon and select Data player
    • Drag Expiry Month onto the Axis label field in the Field pane for data player.
    • Click the Play icon to start displaying dynamically the Number of Open Complains in States for consecutive Expiry Month in the map.

Sample dashboards

An example of a data player is available in the Policy analysis dashboard, on the Policy Holders tab.

Team content/Samples/By industry/Insurance/Dashboards/

If any of the sample objects are missing, contact your administrator.