A marimekko visualization is similar to a stacked column visualization. It shows data through varying heights and includes an added dimension of data through varying column widths. The width of the columns is based on the value that is assigned to the width field. Individual segment height is a percentage of the respective column total value.

You can quickly spot large segments, such as a specific vertical that has a large share of a region. You can also identify white space such as an under-represented vertical in a specific region.

The marimekko visualization is useful for part-to-whole comparisons, where you need to show an extra measure/variable.

The marimekko visualization allows data to be depicted along two dimensions simultaneously. For example, market segments are often arrayed along the x-axis, with the width of each column corresponding to the financial value of a segment. You use marimekko visualizations in cases, for example, where you want to show the revenue contribution per product line. Or the gross domestic product per country.

The marimekko visualization can display total or partial number. If you want to use stacked percentages instead of number, then use the Display as stacked percentage chart option.

The following example shows the contribution of customer lifetime value and employment status in different vehicle classes with the option Display as stacked percentage chart enabled.

Example of a marimekko visualization

The marimekko visualization was created by dragging the following data items from the Sources panel:

  • Drag Vehicle Class type onto the Bars field.
  • Drag Customer Lifetime Value onto the Length field.
  • Drag Employment Status onto the Color field
Example of how to populate the fields for a marimekko visualization


You can see an example of a word cloud visualization in the sample report Customer lifetime value analysis. You can find the sample here: Team content > Samples > Reports > Customer lifetime value analysis.

If any of the sample objects are missing, contact your administrator.