Use a KPI visualization to display a key performance indicator (KPI) that contains two related measures, such as revenue and planned revenue. Optionally, you can display a sparkline and a meaningful shape in your KPI visualizations.

A KPI visualization compares a base value to a target value and shows the variance between the two measures.

For example, this KPI visualization shows the actual revenue in green with an up arrow to indicate that revenue is up compared to the target. In this case, the target value is planned revenue. A sparkline displays the shape of the variation over time and is the same color as the base value.

KPI visualization that shows that actual revenue is up compared to the target revenue
Create a similar KPI visualization by dragging measures from your own data source to the fields in an empty KPI visualization:
  1. On the toolbar, select New card.
  2. Select the blank Single card.
  3. Click Choose a type and select the KPI visualization type. Then, add a data item to each field.
  4. Drag a measure onto the Base value field. This value is the actual target.
  5. Drag a measure onto the Target value field.
  6. Drag another measure onto the Time field. This value creates a sparkline for your KPI visualization. You can add multiple measures, for example Years and Months, to the Time field.
Animated gif showing how to drag measures from the selected sources pane to the fields in a KPI visualization

Use the properties to customize a KPI visualization. For example, the properties are set by default to display a green conditional color when the target is met and a red conditional color if the target is not met. To display the actual target in another color, under properties, expand the rule and then select a different Text color.

Complete the following steps to edit a conditional color rule and select a custom colors:

  1. Select the KPI visualization on your exploration.
  2. Click the Properties tab.
  3. Under Rules, expand the rule that you want to edit.
  4. From Text color, select a color.

The following information describes the KPI properties under Rule style:

  • Text color

    Set the color for the value, sparkline, and indicator shape.

  • Indicator

    Select a shape to display on the KPI visualization when the when the rule is met. For example, you might want to display a down arrow when your base value falls below a certain threshold compared to the target value.