Driver analysis

A driver analysis visualization shows you the key drivers, or predictors, for a target. The closer the driver is to the right, the stronger that driver is.

IBM® Cognos Analytics uses sophisticated algorithms to deliver highly interpretable insights that are based on complex modeling. You don't have to know which statistical tests to run on your data. Cognos Analytics picks the right tests for the data.

Key drivers for both continuous and categorical targets are available in the driver analysis visualization in dashboards and explorations.

For more info, see Statistical tests.

For example, this driver analysis visualization shows that the combination of overall satisfaction, signage rating, security rating, and art rating are the strongest drivers of the target airport rating.

To edit or add key drivers, click the More icon on the target data slot.

To improve performance, due to number of rows in the data source, the analysis is based on a representative sample of the entire data.

Driver analysis visualization that shows what drives airport rating.

If you hover over a data point, then the driver analysis visualization shows what drives the overall airport rating.

Driver analysis visualization that shows what drives airport rating with information while hovering over a data point.

If you click a data point in the tree, other recommended visualizations are shown.

Animated image that shows that clicking an element in the tree results in another recommended visualization
Note: Filters are not supported for driver analysis visualizations.