Create a Network Installation Location for Transformer Modelers

Your organization may have specialized business or power users who want to build PowerCubes that are modeled on a combination of corporate and personal data sources. These users may want to do their own analysis of the data for their line of business or a small group of users. An installer or administrator can download an executable file to a Web or LAN location, where modelers can run the file to launch the IBM® Cognos® Transformer installation wizard.

The instructions in this topic are for the installer or administrator. If you are the Transformer modeler or business specialist who wants to download and use Transformer, see Deploying IBM Cognos Transformer for Modelers

Before you begin

Before you make the installation file available to Transformer modelers, other resources and permissions must be set up:

  • Database client software is installed, or available for modelers to install, on the Transformer computers that are used to access IBM Cognos Analytics data sources.

  • Modelers must have privileges to create a data source in IBM Cognos Administration.

    Modelers do not need direct access to IBM Cognos Administration. They can create and update data sources by using Transformer or command line tools. You can provide modelers with a secured folder in the portal in which to publish PowerCube packages.

  • Modelers must have access to a location in which to store the PowerCube after building it.

    This location must also be accessible to the IBM Cognos service and can be a secured share on a LAN.

  • To build PowerCubes on a specific Transformer server, modelers should have FTP privileges to transfer models and execute privileges to build cubes on that server.

    Modelers can transfer models and execute cube builds using scripts. Modelers can also use automated methods to build PowerCubes. For more information, see the Administration and Security Guide.


  1. Insert the disk for IBM Cognos Transformer modeling product.
  2. If the Welcome page of the installation wizard appears, exit the wizard.
  3. On the disk, locate the C8transformerinstall.exe file.
  4. Copy the file to a secure location to which your Transformer modelers have access.