Configuring communication between Transformer and Cognos Analytics

You must configure IBM® Cognos® Transformer to communicate with IBM Cognos Analytics.

Before you begin

Install and configure IBM Cognos Analytics components before you configure IBM Cognos Transformer. You must first install and configure Content Manager and start the IBM Cognos service on at least one Content Manager computer before you configure IBM Cognos Transformer. This ensures that the certificate authority service issues a certificate to the IBM Cognos Transformer computer.

To support the use of IBM Cognos Analytics data sources (including packages and reports) in Transformer, ensure that the database client is installed on the computer where Transformer is installed.

When Transformer is outside a network firewall that protects the application tier components, communication issues with the dispatcher can arise. To avoid such issues, you can install Transformer in the same architectural tier as the application tier components or you can install and configure a gateway that is dedicated to Transformer communications. For more information, see Firewall considerations.

If you are using a dedicated gateway, you must also configure the gateway computer. For more information, see Configuring the gateway.

About this task

The instructions in this topic are for the installer or administrator. If you are the Transformer modeler or business specialist who wants to download and use Transformer, see Deploying IBM Cognos Transformer for Modelers.

If IBM Cognos Analytics was installed in more than one location, ensure that all URIs point to the correct version of IBM Cognos Analytics.


  1. On the computer where you installed IBM Cognos Transformer, start IBM Cognos Configuration.
  2. In the Explorer pane, click Environment.
  3. Specify appropriate values for the following settings, where the ca_server placeholder represents the Cognos Analytics server:
    Gateway URI
    Default: http://ca_server:port/bi/v1/disp
    Example: http://my_ca_server:9300/bi/v1/disp
    This URI must always be the same as for Cognos Analytics.
    Dispatcher URI for external applications
    Default: http://ca_server:port/bi/api/soap
    Example: http://my_ca_server:9300/bi/api/soap

    If the URIs contain localhost, replace localhost with a fully-qualified host name or IP address.

  4. From the File menu, click Save.


IBM Cognos Transformer is configured to communicate with IBM Cognos Analytics.