Exporting a translation table


  1. Select the objects you want to export.
  2. Click Project, Languages, Export Translation File.
  3. In the Project Languages box, click the languages you want to export, and click the arrow button to move them into the Languages to be exported box.

    You must export the design language of the model that will use the translation table. For example, if the translation table will be used in a model that uses French as the design language, you must export French.

    IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager exports the appropriate locale code for each language you select. If you do not select all the languages to be translated, you must manually enter the language codes in the first row of each new language column in the translation table.

  4. In the Model objects to be exported box, select whether you want to export all model objects, or export only preselected objects and their children.
  5. Enter the location and name of the translation table.
  6. Click OK.