Enabling filters on columns

When filtering is enabled, users can filter data directly on the column header in the authoring interface and in the viewer.

Because the data is stored in the browser, the data is retrieved fast when you select the different filters.


  1. In the Page preview, select the whole data table. For more information, see Setting data table properties.
  2. In the application bar, click the Show properties icon Show properties icon.
    The properties pane is opened.
  3. Under GENERAL properties, select the Show column filters property, and switch it on.


A filter is added on the column header of each grouped column. The filter values are listed in the drop-down list that the users can interact with. The same filter options are available to authors and users. To view an example of a data table with filters, see Data tables.

Use the Deselect all option to exclude all values from the column. Use the Remove filter option to remove any filter applied to the column.