Changing the settings for diagrams

You can change one or more settings for diagrams. The Diagram Settings tab defines the settings for the main diagram. The Context Explorer tab defines how context diagrams are populated and displayed.


  1. Click Diagram, Diagram settings.
  2. Set the level of detail.

    You can select query items, relationships, scope relationships, cardinality, and descriptions.

  3. Select the type of notation.

    You can use Merise or Crowsfeet notation. By default, IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager uses Merise notation. Merise notation marks each end of the relationship with the minimum and maximum cardinality of that end. You can also use Crowsfeet notation, which provides a pictorial representation of the relationship.

  4. To align objects more easily, turn the Snap options on.
  5. To have a network of evenly spaced lines in the background, select the Display grid check box.
  6. Select the font and color for text.
  7. Select whether you want these settings to be the default for all new projects.
  8. Click OK.